National Trout Derby on Seneca Lake

Seneca Lake is renowned as a trout fishery. Every year over Memorial Day weekend the National Lake Trout Derby is held with the largest Brown, Landlocked Salmon or Lake Trout taking home a $5,000 Grand Prize. Trout is delicious on the grill, smoked, or in almost any Salmon recipe. Below are some photos of filleting to compliment this previous post description of the technique,

“To fillet the trout start with a very sharp fillet knife (a good fillet knife should have some flex to it). Place the fish on a cutting board with it’s spine facing you. Cut behind the gill in a slight arc to the backbone and slide the knife in a gently see-sawing action along the backbone and ribs to the tail. Leave the fillet attached to the end of the tail and turn the fillet over so the skin side is down. Then, starting where the fillet is attached to the tail, gently slide your fillet knife along the skin, keeping the skin taught, to remove the skin from the fillet. West Virginia Extension has an excellent Trout processing resource, including pictures and videos on how to butterfly fillet trout.”


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