Venison Workshop This Weekend

Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension is hosting a venison and meat preparation workshop on Saturday, March 10th from 10AM-noon in their conference room located in Waterloo (308 Main Street Shop Center, 3rd floor). Venison is a healthy, lean source of protein that is very tasty if properly prepared. Seneca County and the surrounding Finger Lakes area have abundant populations of white tail deer to hunt. If you love eating venison or if you have had an unpleasant experience eating venison and have the notion that the meat is gamey or tough (or others in your family feel this way), then this hands on workshop is for you! Learn ways to tenderize deer meat with proper marinades, cooking methods, and meat preparation. We will also discuss the important science behind safely canning meat and making jerky. Learning to safely can animal products is a great solution to limited freezer space when considering buying local meat or hunting.

Participants will learn how to can meat and also taste samples during this hands-on workshop. They will also receive a recipe book. Space is limited and advanced registration is required, so please call Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension to register: 315-539-9251

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