Canning and Jerky Making Workshop

With deer hunting seasons about to be in full swing, you may wonder what to do with your quarry other than freezing it.  Seneca County Cornell Cooperative Extension is hosting a meat canning and jerky preparation workshop on Thursday, November 8th from 6-8PM in their office located on the 3rd floor of the Main Street Shop Centre in Waterloo, NY.  Participants will learn the important science behind safely canning meat and making jerky..  There will be taste testing of prepared meat and participants will also learn how to preserve venison meat during this hands-on workshop.  A Master Food Preserver from Cornell Cooperative Extension will be leading the workshop.   If you live too far away to attend this event, contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension office to see if they have similar canning workshops in your county.   You can also reference “Home Canning Meat” from North Dakota State University Extension and  “Handy Reference for Drying Meats” from Cornell Cooperative Extension.

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