Locavore Preferences for Wild Fish and Game: Implications for Wildlife-based Recreation in New York State

We’re not just about recipes!  Last spring, as part of a research project, we surveyed nearly 500 people in the Finger Lakes region who were identified as “locavores”, people who seek out local food, to see what their ideas were about consuming wild fish and game.  The complete results can be found on Cornell’s Department of Natural Resource’s website and linked below.  Some highlights were that respondents expressed interest in learning more about preparing wild fish and game and the conservation benefits of eating local, wild-caught meat. Yet, a lower percentage showed interest or knowledge in procuring it themselves.  Most respondents had eaten local, wild-caught fish (63%) or game (77%) at some point in their lives, mostly meat that was shared by family and friends who hunt and fish.

So, if you can, keep sharing your bounty with others.  You may even consider mentoring a family member or friend to teach them to hunt or fish for their own local food.

HDRUReport locavore preference wild game and fish 2014

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