Simple Landlocked Salmon on the Grill

The Finger Lakes area of New York State is a hot spot in late spring for catching landlocked Atlantic salmon.  This is also a nice time of year to cook fish on the grill as we upstate New Yorkers look towards summer and finally believe it is not going to snow again for many months.

-landlocked salmon or large trout fillets
-aluminum foil
-seasoning (salt and pepper, maybe lemon pepper or favorite fish seasoning)



Fillet the salmon (or large trout) and remove the skin.  You can dry cure the fish for 10-15 minutes to firm it up by generously sprinkling the fillets with an even amount of salt and sugar. Let the fish rest and “sweat” (water will appear on the surface of the fillets) for about 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water and pat the fillets dry.

Place the salmon fillets on a piece of aluminum foil, season how you like it and top with some pads of butter.

Heat your grill to medium high heat.  Transfer foil and fish carefully to the hot grill.  Cover grill and cook about 10 minutes until the fish is just cooked through and there is a nice crust to the fish.  

Serve with some seasonal veggies, such as asparagus and beets and enjoy!

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