Goose Tenders

What to do with goose tenders?  Sometimes I just leave them with the whole breast, but they naturally want to separate off, even after smoking or when cooking.goose smoked with tender








If you have enough geese, the tenders can be separated and cooked on their own.  Simply place them in a salad dressing marinade, such as fruit vinaigrette or Italian drgoose tender in marinade dressingessing, until you are ready to cook them.  This can be for an hour or a couple days, but keep in mind the longer the meat is in the marinade the stronger the dressing flavor will be.  You can also make your own marinade, depending on the end flavor you would like (i.e teriyaki if creating an Asian-type stir fry or salad).  I cleaned geese two days ago and put the tenders in a local black raspberry celery seed dressing. This morning I lightly floured the tenders and sauteed them in olive oil and butter until crisp and brown on each side, about 2 minutes a side, and served them over salad greens with the same raspberrygoose tender floured dressing for lunch.





goose tender on salad

Go ahead and play with different flavors.  Little, pan-fried goose tenders can be served straight up as an appetizer, served over greens, or incorporated into a stir fry.  Plus, Canada goose meat is low in fat and high in iron content.  Enjoy your nutritious, hard earned snack!


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